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Common Kingfisher

Alcedo atthis

© Gulbara Omorova | 2021-05-15 |

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2021-07-27. to photo # 00570002901 (Common Rosefinch)

Katherine Hall: Thanks Philippe, changed! There were a lot of Common Rosefinches calling in the area and spotted several others too.

2021-07-27. to photo # 00570002401 (Common Stonechat)

Katherine Hall: Ah good to know - thanks for the info!

2021-07-27. to photo # 00570002301 (Grey Wagtail)

Katherine Hall: Oops - thanks for picking that up! Very true - changed.

2021-07-27. to photo # 00570001801 (Black Redstart)

Katherine Hall: Thanks Philippe, much appreciated! Changed to Black Redstart.

2021-07-27. to photo # 00570002901 (Common Rosefinch)

Philippe Campeau: I'd go for a female common rosefinch. They do tend to have plain brown heads and that peculiar beak shape. I did think about the plain mountain finch (Hogson on this site), but they would be more grey and then less likely to be met at that location.

2021-07-27. to photo # 00570001803 (Black Redstart)

Philippe Campeau: I would definitely go for a black redstart. White-capped would be unlikely anywhere but the very South of the country (and would have a black band on tail-end), the common redstart is a fairly uncommon passage migrant. The speckle of white on the forehead [....]

2021-07-27. to photo # 00590000201 (Gadwall)

Philippe Campeau: Добрый день Мурат, и добрый пожадовать на сайте! Спасибо за кадр, пожалуйста, поделитесь если у вас еще фотки есть. А если вопросы, мы всегда [....]

2021-07-27. to photo # 00570003003 (Sulphur-bellied Warbler)

Philippe Campeau: Lovely!

2021-07-27. to photo # 00570002401 (Common Stonechat)

Philippe Campeau: Definitely a Siberian, as a common one would be quite a find. However, our site is based on the Russian (Kazakh) classification and they do not distinguish these species... Hence, you identified it right.

2021-07-27. to photo # 00570002301 (Grey Wagtail)

Philippe Campeau: Hi Katherine and welcome to the site! Are you on holiday in the country and a more ''permanent'' birder? Either way, nice to see your photos.On this one, I have the feeling we're looking at a grey wagtail, with pinkish legs (harder to say with the shade [....]

2021-07-27. to photo # 00570002401 (Common Stonechat)

Katherine Hall: Is this a Common Stonechat or could it be a Siberian Stonechat (Saxicola maurus)?

2021-07-20. to photo # 00570001801 (Black Redstart)

Katherine Hall: Black Redstart, Common/Eurasian Redstart or White capped Redstart? It doesn't seem to be Güldenstädt's Redstart. Any clue appreciated!!!

2021-07-09. to photo # 00400045901 (Little Stint)

Pjotr Trommel: Group together with two Curlew Sandpipers

2021-07-09. to photo # 00400045801 (Curlew Sandpiper)

Pjotr Trommel: Curlew Sandpiper in flight between group of Little Stints

2021-07-08. to photo # 00110236901 (Temminck's Stint)

Philippe Campeau: :) :)

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rare birds records

Black-Bellied Sandgrouse (Pterocles orientalis)

© Myrzabek Ozubekov

The first photo registration of a Black-Bellied Sandgrouse on birds.kg.

Long-legged Buzzard (Buteo rufinus)

© Askar Isabekov

Very rare or probably unique case of nesting of Long-legged Buzzards in the center of large city.

Red-throated Thrush (Turdus ruficollis)

© Irina Romanovskaia

Third record of Red-throated Thrush in Kyrgyz Republic. First one was shot at March 22, 1958 in valley of At-Bashi river (Yanushevich et al, 1960). Second record of Red-throated Thrush was at February 10, 2002 near Ananievo village, coast of Issyk-Kul lake (Kulagin, 2009). Basing in this records Red-throated Thrush was included to checklist of birds of Kyrgyz Republic with a status of vagrant bird (Toropova, Kulagin, 2006).

Торопова В.И., Кулагин С.В. Третий систематический список птиц Кыргызстана// Selevinia, 2006. – С. 44-54.
Янушевич А.И., Тюрин П.С., Яковлева И.Д., Кыдыралиев А., Семёнова Н.И. 1960. Птицы Киргизии. Фрунзе, 2: 1-272.

Snow Pigeon (Columba leuconota)

© Fedor Shakula
Zaalaisky ridge, altitude 3800 m

Rare record and first photo-record of Snow Pigeon in Kyrgyzstan. Most recent records of Snow Pigeon are related to summer of 1985, when E.D.Shukurov during 5 days found 4 Pigeons in mountains of Alai ridge, and 3 ones in north slope of Chonalai ridge. Birds were observed in altitude 3000-3330 m. Nest with eggs was found by E.D.Shukurov at June 14, 1985 in canyon of northern slope of Chonalai ridge in altitude 3200 m. In Zaalai ridge S.V.Kulagin observed Snow Pigeon several years ago in Ichke Suu, close to Lenin Peak area, but he couldn't take photo of bird.

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2021-03-15. Common Buzzard (Viacheslav Prudskikh).

2021-03-13. Grey-headed Goldfinch (Viacheslav Prudskikh).

2018-04-11. Grey-headed Goldfinch (Ivan Turkovskiy).

2017-11-16. Black-breasted Tit (Ivan Turkovskiy).

2017-09-05. Little Owl (Ivan Turkovskiy), Common Kingfisher (Ivan Turkovskiy).

2017-09-03. Ibisbill (Ivan Turkovskiy).

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unidentified birds


Katherine Hall: :D


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no any comments:


Анна Ясько: Индийская камышевка.


Анна Ясько: Южная бормотушка.

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