Water Pipit

Anthus spinoletta (Linnaeus, 1758)

Горный конек | тоо элсанары 
© Philippe Campeau

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author: Philippe Campeau
location: Ak Bulun
date: 2020-10-21

2020-10-27. Аскар Исабеков:

bird in third photo is Pipit, either Water or Buff-bellied one. Pale eye-ring indicates to Buff-bellied Pipit, but without front view I don't 100% sure.

2020-10-28. Philippe Campeau:

Ha ha! This is very funny, we were so convinced it was a short-toed that I did not even look at the photo. It is indeed a pipit. Legs very black and ''moustache'' not visible (water), but very streaked on the flanks (buff-bellied)... I will leave unidentified. Спасибо Аскар!

2021-05-11. Анна Ясько:

The legs are black. This is a sign of a Water Pipit. The legs of the Buff-bellied Pipit are lighter.

2021-05-13. Philippe Campeau:

Добрый день Анна. Я просто хочу благодарить вам за помочь с определениям наших фотографиях. Я поменяю. Спасибо!

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