Upland Buzzard

Buteo hemilasius (Temminck et Schlegel, 1844)

Мохноногий курганник | ак сары
© Pjotr Trommel

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author: Pjotr Trommel
location: Bishkek Ozornoe
date: 2021-01-06
equipment: Nikon D 7200

2021-01-07. Алдияр Сапарбаев:

Здесь не беркут. По всей видимости, предположу что мохноногий курганник темной морфы как здесь.

2021-01-08. Pjotr Trommel:

Thank you, I was already surprised to see a Golden Eagle there... But he has quite big.
I will put him as unidentified, to see what Buzzard it will be,


2021-01-08. Askar Isabekov:

Upland Buzzard, especially dark morph birds, looks like Eagle (sample1, sample2, sample3) due to large size, trousers, and figure. Perching bird usualy identified by the bill size (bigger in Eagles). But flying (or flushing) one is much more easy identified by underwing pattern.

Among other Buteo species Upland Buzzard differs by feathered legs, good looking in your photos. And by large size of course.

2021-01-08. Pjotr Trommel:

Thanks Askar! Very good, I will change into Upland Buzzard!


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