Common Cuckoo

Cuculus canorus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Обыкновенная кукушка | кадимки күкүк
© Neil and Lucy Rogers

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author: Neil and Lucy Rogers
location: Gandhi Park Bishkek
date: 2021-07-24
equipment: Canon SX70

2023-03-08. Neil and Lucy Rogers:

This was amazing to watch as a clamrous reed warbler fed a young cuckoo its breakfast of dragon flies from the reed beds. I had only ever read about this, I never expected to have the privilege of watching and capturing it. Neil

2023-03-08. Philippe Campeau:

Fascinating, and good shots of it!

2023-03-09. Jérémie Berlioux:

Wow. This is pretty special to witness that

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