Common Tern

Sterna hirundo (Linnaeus, 1758)

Речная крачка | дарыя чагала
© Katherine Hall

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author: Katherine Hall
location: Balykchy, Issykkul Region
date: 2021-08-03

2021-08-05. Анна Ясько:

Long tail. No white forecrown. I think this is Little Tern.

2021-08-05. Katherine Hall:

Yes, agreed, I listed it originally as Little Tern.

2021-09-07. Анна Ясько:

Oh sorry, I wanted to write Common Tern, but I wrote Little Tern by mistake. The Little Tern has a longer bill, yellow with a dark tip. It would be visible The wing is shorter. Here are some examples: Little Tern and Common Tern.

2021-09-08. Katherine Hall:

Thank you Anna, changed! :)

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